About Laurel Lye Training

Our training programs are individualized to both the customer’s needs and the students we teach. Some customers are seeking to raise up their young engineers, some are looking to bring their leaders to the next level in their careers.

All are looking for excellence

Our training programs begin with a conference call. This is where we work through your needs and help you decide what type of training you need, how deep you want to go, who you want to train and what you want to achieve.

Training is a process not a destination

This isn’t a high-pressure sales call. This is a call with the trainer to make sure that the costs of the training match your goals and those of the individual. Nothing is gained when a company pays for training that isn’t used after the class is over.

Practical, hands-on and relevant to the work your engineers do

After the first call, we’ll provide you with a customized proposal and a customized curriculum for your engineers. You’ll have full input on the training plan and only pay for what you use. And after training is complete, your engineers will be able to talk directly to the trainer with follow-up questions. We also offer after-the-training consulting.

Good advice lasts a moment, great training lasts a lifetime

Our goal is to ensure that the training you pay for pays for itself by helping your engineers build better, safer, more secure systems. Thank you for your interest in our training programs.