I’m Speaking At CppCon 2018

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at CppCon 2018 this September. The schedule has yet to be announced, but check back here or visit the CppCon website for more information.

I will be giving two talks covering secure coding best practices. These will be different talks than the one I gave earlier this year at C++Now. We’ll spend more time talking about OWASP vulnerabilities along with deeper treatments of Threat Modeling and Trust Boundaries. If you do anything in C++ that’s even remotely accessible via the web this is a good primer on getting started with securing your codebase.

There will also be two live demos of vulnerabilities: a more realistic version of the original buffer overflow I demonstrated at C++Now this year and a newer exploit that works today in spite of the countermeasures built into the operating systems we use.

I will also have a special announcement at the end of the second talk so if you care about secure coding in your systems please join us at CppCon in Sepember.

In the meantime, my C++Now talk can be found here: Secure Coding Best Practices.

See you in Bellevue!