CppCon 2018 Panel On Software Security

This year CppCon 2018 will host its first ever panel focusing on Software Security. This session will feature three panelists who have extensive experience in designing systems that have to work securely in an insecure world. Two of the panelists have multiple decades defending everything from operating systems to networks to sensitive military systems from attackers.

This is an open forum for all attendees and will be held on Thursday starting at 12:30 PM. The full CppCon 2018 program can be found on the CppCon 2018 website.

Appearing on the panel:

Patricia Aas is an international speaker and has been programming C++ professionally for 13 years. Her talks on software security at CppCon 2018 are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. During her career, she has worked on the Opera and Vivaldi browsers and has done stints as a Java consultant and an embedded teleconference systems engineer at Cisco. This year she founded her own consulting company, TurtleSec Consulting Services.

Matthew Butler has spent the last three decades as a systems architect and software engineer developing security systems for networks and secure systems for law enforcement and the military. His talks on secure coding best practices at CppCon 2018 are on Monday afternoon. He is actively involved in the C++ community and has spent the last two decades defending networks and sensitive systems from attackers. You can keep up with him through his blog Madd Physics.

Matt Miller is a Partner Security Software Engineer working as part of the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). In this role, Matt drives strategy and engineering related to proactive vulnerability defense across Microsoft’s products and services. Prior to joining Microsoft ten years ago, Matt was a core contributor to the Metasploit framework and an editor for the Uninformed journal. Matt spoke this year at BlackHat 2018 and will also be on a panelist on the Spectre and Meltdown exploits panel held Friday at CppCon 2018.

The panel moderator is Eva Conti. Eva is a self-described “infosec nerd” who made her entry into the security world as a hacker. Her career has spanned from the gaming industry to the publishing industry where she focuses on systems testing and security. There is also the strong possibility that she is a Cylon but that is for another panel.