SnowFROC ’19

Wow, what a ride.

I spent Monday and Tuesday of last week at home weathering the storm that would ultimately rain chaos on Denver Wednesday. We didn’t have the 80 MPH winds Denver got, ours were only about 65 MPH, but we did get 30 inches of heavy, wet snow.

By Wednesday the weather had cleared out and as I headed to Denver every major highway into Denver was closed. Like Troy, I found myself trying to find a way around a monster storm just to get to SnowFROC.

He made it.

I didn’t.

But, thanks to the intrepid work of the SnowFROC staff and the miracles of modern technology, I gave my talk remotely. This was a new experience for me giving a talk without being able to see or hear the audience. I’m told it went very well in spite of me not being in the room.

The photo above is from a colleague in the audience.

I am conspicuous by my absence.

All-in-all is was a great, if not exasperating, experience. Hope to see everyone in person next year!