I Will Be Speaking At CppCon 2020

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at CppCon 2020 this September. CppCon will be going virtual this year but still has five full days of talks from some of the world’s best C++ speakers.

I’ll be giving my new talk: Modern C++ Safety & Security At 20 that covers the new features of C++20 and looks at how they impact safety critical applications and security in the code you write.

Here’s the abstract:

The C++20 standard is now complete and the features and changes to the language promise to be more extensive than even C++11, which started the modern age. Engineers who work in safety critical applications, security or even applications that get abused by customers every day have special needs from the language. But what does the new standard give us as far as writing clean, safe, secure code?

In this talk, we’ll look at the new features and changes to the standard and see how they affect outcomes for code written for safety critical and secure environments or even code that just needs survive the day with whatever your users throw at it.

Among the features we’ll look at are: ranges, concepts, std::format, std::span, std::atomic<std::shared_ptr>>, co-routines, designated initializers, spaceship operator, attributes, using enum.

As we’ll see, some new features are huge wins for safety and security while others look like wins but come with their own problems.

Then we’ll look ahead at what the standards committee is working on for C++23. C++20 has a lot of changes and new features. When this talk is over you’ll know which features help your write clean, safe, secure code.

And which don’t.

Hope to see you there!